Disaster Management Mock Drill for Students

“Training proves to be the key ingredient to handling any disaster.”

-Walter Maddox


A disaster management mock drill was conducted on Friday, 28th April 2023, for all primary wing students to prepare them for unforeseen emergencies, such as earthquakes. The main objective was to spread awareness, build preparedness, courage and confidence, and enhance the students’ ability to respond quickly.

Disaster Management Drill at TKS

Before the drill, the students were sensitized about the emergency exit plan, evacuation routes, and the dos and don’ts that must be followed during an emergency. The purpose of the mock drill was also explained to the students, along with how it helps handle and prepare for unforeseen emergencies.


Teachers were provided with instructions in advance, and the evacuation process was re-emphasized to ensure a successful drill. At least three headcounts of students were taken before leaving the building, upon reaching a safe area, and on returning to the classrooms.

Disaster Management Drill- Evacuation to safety

The sound of the horn was an indication for teachers and students to initiate the evacuation process. The students quickly moved towards the emergency exits and were supervised by vigilant teachers and admin staff.


After the drill, a reflection time was conducted, where the students recollected all the steps to keep in mind during natural disasters. They reflected on the objective of the drill and what they had learned from the process.

Disaster Management Drill- It's time for duck, cover and hold

The Principal, Ms. Rina Singh, addressed the students and took their reflections on the mock drill. She also met with the admin staff to discuss feedback and areas for improvement. The HOJS, Ms. Seema Khurana, provided a report to the Principal, which included evidence of the successful conduct of the mock drill.

Overall, the drill was conducted to educate and train students on how to respond to unforeseen emergencies, such as earthquakes, and to ensure their safety in such situations.


Disaster Management Drill- Address by the principal
Disaster Management Drill- Address by the principal
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