E-waste Disposal Workshop

E-waste has become a global challenge with the rapidly changing technologies and innovation across this planet along with techno-savvy consumerism in recent times and would affect our ecosystem in the near future. To increase the awareness on E-waste and its disposal, a workshop was organised at TKS on 25th Feb 2020 for the middle wing and the Eco-club students within the school premises.

Mr Shivraj Khaitan, a young student, conducted this workshop and emphasised on how business and entrepreneurship can offer a sustainable solution to environmental and social issues. The workshop started with the welcome address followed by a presentation given by Mr Shivraj Khaitan in which he described the composition of e-waste like lead, copper etc. The detrimental effects of e-waste on mankind and on the environment were also discussed in great details. Further deliberations were done on the mode of collection of E-waste which is a major challenge in a country like India and also disposal of the same,  a humongous and most important task in waste management because it releases toxic chemicals in air and groundwater thus adversely having an impact on our ecology. This was followed by an interactive question and answer session. The students were exposed to the pros and cons of this new hazardous issue and they learnt important aspects to deal with the same as ignoring it could lead to an environmental nightmare. The workshop concluded with Vote of Thanks.

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