Earth Day


“Let’s take care of our planet. It is the only place that we can call home.”

On the occasion of  Earth Day,  a video was showcased with a view to sensitize the children of the Junior School about the conservation of natural resources and to motivate them to do their bit towards making our planet even more beautiful. 

The students eagerly shared their individual views on saving our Mother Earth. They also enthusiastically participated in the poster and doodle making activity to commemorate our benevolent Mother Earth and showcased beautiful illustrations with inspiring quotes.

The little ones of Pre-primary participated wholeheartedly in badge making, paper bag making & seed sowing activities.Children from an early age will get into the good habits of saving water, electricity & paper.

The initiative taken by TKS to use slate is a first step towards an eco-friendly way to save paper.

The Earth Day celebration encouraged  the children to save, love, and respect Mother Nature with all their heart and soul.

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  1. 🌍🌱 A heartwarming celebration of Earth Day at TKS! The video sensitized our Junior School children to conserve natural resources and inspired them to contribute towards a more beautiful planet. From poster making to seed sowing, every activity fostered love and respect for Mother Nature. Let’s continue to care for our home, our planet! #EarthDay #Sustainability 🌿🌏

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