Educating Students about Cybersecurity: A Talk by Cadet Aadi Chawla






The Khaitan School, on 6th July 2023,  hosted an enlightening session on cyber security, presented by Cadet Aadi Chawla, a student at The Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun. As a trained expert in cyber security and ethical hacking, Cadet Aadi Chawla shared his knowledge and experiences with students from Classes VI-XII. The session aimed to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security in today’s digital world and equip students with the necessary skills to protect themselves and others from cyber threats.




Cadet Aadi Chawla commenced the session by delving into the intricate workings of technology and the ever-evolving digital landscape. He emphasized the indispensable role of cyber security in safeguarding sensitive information and protecting individuals, businesses, and organizations from cyber threats. With the help of engaging role plays, he demonstrated how to identify vulnerabilities in digital systems and strengthen their defenses against potential attacks.



During the talk, students were also introduced to essential concepts such as cyberbullying and digital etiquette. Cadet Aadi Chawla shed light on the potential dangers of online interactions and how to navigate digital spaces responsibly. By sharing case studies and real-life examples, he highlighted the risks associated with phishing, malware, and computer viruses. Through these practical demonstrations, students gained a deeper understanding of how cyber threats operate and the steps they can take to prevent falling victim to them.



One significant aspect of the session focused on online gaming, an increasingly popular activity among students. Cadet Aadi Chawla stressed the importance of remaining vigilant while participating in online gaming communities. He cautioned students about the potential risks and advised them to report any incidents that breach their privacy or pose a threat to their personal information. By encouraging open communication and a proactive approach, Cadet Aadi Chawla empowered students to take control of their online experiences and protect themselves from cyber attacks.


To ensure that students had access to further resources and support, Cadet Aadi Chawla shared vital information during the session. He provided the students with the cyber crime helpline number, 1930, which they could contact in case of any cyber security concerns. Additionally, he directed them to visit the Government of India’s website, https://cybercrime.gov.in, where they could find detailed information on cyber security topics, including the option to report crimes and track the status of their complaints.


The session on cyber security at The Khaitan School proved to be an enlightening and empowering experience for the students. By hosting such talks and providing students with the necessary knowledge and tools, educational institutions like The Khaitan School are playing a crucial role in equipping the younger generation with the skills they need to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly. It is through initiatives like these that we can build a more secure and resilient digital society, one student at a time.

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