Educational & Cultural Tour to Bharatpur, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri

11TKS students Rock..!

An educational and cultural tour to Bharatpur, Agra & Fatehpur Sikri was organized by The Khaitan school from 22nd September 2019 to 23rd September 2019 for classes IV and V.

With 203 students, 16 faculty members, 1 school nurse, and a tour operator, the tour commenced on Sunday at 6:00 a.m. from the school campus. On reaching Bharatpur, they checked into a hotel and later headed to Fatehpur Sikri and visited the beautiful tomb of Sheikh Salim Chisti, Diwan – I Aam, Diwan – I – Khaas and Buland Darwaza. The students were acquainted with a variety of architectural styles of Mughal Empire and the history of Emperor Akbar.

The next day, students visited Keoladeo  National Park, formerly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary ( famous for migratory birds). There students watched different species of birds such as- Pipits, Wheatears, Sarus, Pelican, Wagtails etc. It was followed by the visit to the world-famous wonder of the world, Taj Mahal. The students had an amazing experience of watching the magnificent architectural beauty of Taj. It was fun-filled, informative and educative trip for the students.   

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