Educational Trip to Shimla: Exploring the Natural Beauty and Cultural Heritage

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is renowned for its scenic landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The Khaitan School, in collaboration with Eduroots, organized a four-day educational trip from 22nd May to 25th May 2023, for the students of the Middle Wing (Class VI-VIII). The trip aimed to provide students with a learning experience outside the classroom and to expose them to the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Shimla, Naldehra, and Kufri.


A group of 70 enthusiastic students, accompanied by eight faculty members and one staff nurse, embarked on this memorable journey. The adventure began with all the students gathering at the B-block middle wing ground floor, where HOMS Ms. Pooja Singh addressed the students, briefing them about the trip and wishing them a safe and enriching journey.

Educational Trip to Shimla-Naldehra-Kufri



The journey commenced at 8:30 pm from the school, with scheduled stopovers for breaks and meals. After an overnight drive, the students reached their destination, Pacific Kufri Resort, at 11 am. Following a delicious lunch at 12:30 pm, the first activity on the itinerary was a Nature walk in Kufri, allowing the students to immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural surroundings.


Later, the team proceeded to Naldehra, where the students experienced the mesmerizing natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Snacks were served to rejuvenate their energy. The students returned to the resort at 6:30 pm, where they enjoyed a lively DJ night and had their dinner at 8:45 pm.

Educational Trip to Shimla-Naldehra-Kufri
Educational Trip to Shimla-Naldehra-Kufri

On the second day, the students visited Kufri Zoological Park, where they had the opportunity to learn about the wildlife of India and observe various animals up close. After the educational visit, the students returned to the resort for a scrumptious lunch. The next destination was the Army Heritage Museum, where the students delved into the history of the Indian army and gained insights into the medals of honor bestowed upon army personnel.


The final stop of the day was Mall Road, Shimla, where the students were enlightened about the historical significance of Shimla. After a captivating tour, they returned to the resort at around 8 pm, followed by dinner at 8:30 pm. Additionally, the students celebrated the birthdays of two students, adding a touch of joy and festivity to the trip.

Educational Trip to Shimla-Naldehra-Kufri



On the last day of the excursion, after a satisfying breakfast, the team commenced their journey back to Noida at 9:30 am. A stop was made in Pinjore, where the students relished their lunch. In the evening, snacks were provided from Burger King, satiating their hunger during the return journey. Finally, at 10 pm, all the students and accompanying teachers arrived safely at the school, where they were warmly welcomed by HOMS Ms. Pooja Singh. The students were joyfully reunited with their parents from the B-Block ground floor.



Throughout the trip, the parents were continuously updated about the whereabouts, details, and pictures of the journey, ensuring their peace of mind. The feedback from the trip was overwhelmingly positive.

The service provided by Eduroots was excellent, with all necessary safety precautions meticulously followed. The teachers on duty displayed impeccable coordination, and no disciplinary issues were recorded. The students praised the quality of food, which was consistently excellent. Moreover, the transportation arrangements by Eduroots were commendable, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free journey for all participants. The meticulously planned itinerary was diligently followed, and the students were consistently briefed and educated about the history, flora, fauna, and culture of Himachal Pradesh, making the trip both entertaining and educational.

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