Empowering Adolescents: CBSE Adolescent Summit on Life Skills and Mental Health


In a resounding display of advocacy, talent, and commitment to mental health, students from The Khaitan School recently took center stage at the CBSE Adolescent Summit on Life Skills, Mental Health, Safety, and Well-being, held on December 19th and 20th, 2023. This summit, in collaboration with Expressions India, served as a platform for our students to champion the cause of mental health awareness, life skills, and overall well-being.

Representing The Khaitan School with distinction, students of Class XI – Advika Agarwal, Ishpreet Kaur, Anushka Banerjee, and Lipika Narava emerged as articulate advocates for the continued dialogue and educational intervention required to empower adolescents as Mental Health and Well-being Ambassadors. Their presence and passion underscored the importance of equipping the youth with knowledge, values, and life skills for a holistic and resilient future.

The students seized the opportunity to showcase their multifaceted talents by participating in theme-based activities, including a painting competition and a youth parliament. Advika Agarwal, in particular, received accolades for her outstanding performance in a dance presentation that creatively depicted the challenges faced by adolescents.


The summit featured distinguished speakers such as Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Director of Expressions India, Dr. Joseph Emmaneul, Director of CBSE, veteran journalist Mr. Rajat Sharma, IAS Ms. LS Changsan, and Dr. Rama Sharma, Public Relations Officer at CBSE. Each speaker emphasized the pivotal role of mental health in the overall well-being of individuals. They stressed that nurturing life skills during youth is instrumental in building strong resilience and creating responsible citizens.


The consensus among the speakers was that mental health is as crucial as physical health, and fostering good mental health from a young age is essential for building a healthier society. The summit called for a collective effort to spread awareness, destigmatize mental health issues, and encourage open conversations. Early intervention, as highlighted, is key to successful mental health treatment, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and addressing mental health concerns at the earliest stages.

The summit concluded with a powerful message: empowerment through self-care and seeking help. By openly discussing mental health challenges, breaking the stigma, and encouraging individuals to reach out for support, we can collectively build a foundation that respects and prioritizes mental well-being. The students of The Khaitan School are now better equipped to contribute to fostering a culture of mental health awareness in their school and beyond

The Khaitan School’s active participation in the CBSE Adolescent Summit reflects its commitment to shaping well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also contribute positively to societal well-being. The summit not only provided a platform for students to showcase their talents but also offered invaluable insights and guidance from eminent speakers. As the students return inspired and empowered, the school community can look forward to continued efforts in promoting mental health awareness and well-being.

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