Empowering Educators for a Greener Future: The Khaitan School’s Orientation Session with Blue Nudge

In a world where environmental consciousness is of paramount importance, educational institutions play a pivotal role in shaping the future stewards of our planet. The Khaitan School, a prominent educational institution, took a significant step in this direction by organizing an orientation session for its teachers on the 21st of September at 5:00 pm. This online event saw the enthusiastic participation of educators responsible for classes IV to XII, signifying the school’s commitment to instilling environmental awareness in its students.


Facilitated by Mr. Arvind Ayer, Manager of Training & Content at Blue Planet Environmental Solutions India Private Limited (BPES), the orientation session was a profound exploration of the ‘Green Steps’ project by Blue Nudge. BPES, the Indian subsidiary of Singapore-based BPES, stands as the third-largest Waste Management company globally, exemplifying its dedication to addressing the pressing issue of waste management on a global scale.

Mr. Ayer’s presentation was nothing short of enlightening, as he delved into the depths of the ‘Green Steps’ project, which revolves around transforming waste into wealth while instilling in students the idea that waste can be a valuable resource. At its core, the project seeks to shift the perspective of individuals, encouraging them to view waste as an opportunity rather than a burden. Mr. Ayer passionately articulated BPES’s vision to create a community of responsible individuals adept at effective waste management.

One of the session’s key highlights was the emphasis placed on source segregation, a fundamental practice in responsible waste management. Mr. Ayer expounded on the significance of this habit and how it can drastically reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal. By segregating waste at its source, individuals can help ensure that recyclable materials, like paper, are diverted away from landfills and integrated into daily life through recycling programs.

The session also introduced the concept of ‘Nudge Ambassadors’ and their role in the “Green Steps” program. These ambassadors are instrumental in promoting sustainable practices within the school community, fostering environmental awareness, and driving positive change towards a greener future. It is through their dedication and commitment that the school hopes to set a world record for collecting the maximum amount of paper waste.


One of the key takeaways from the session was the urgency of initiating this waste management process. With the collaboration of both students and teachers, the school can take the lead in fostering a culture of sustainability and responsible waste management. The time to act is now, and it is through the collective efforts of the school’s dedicated educators and students that this vision can be realized.

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