Empowering Excellence: Class 3C’s Remarkable Assembly


In a vibrant display of talent and achievement, the students of Class 3C at The Khaitan School took center stage on the 18th of August in the school amphitheater. This much-anticipated event was an opportunity for these young learners to not only showcase their academic accomplishments but also their prowess in co-curricular activities. The assembly not only celebrated their individual achievements but also fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie among different sections of the class, as students from 3E and 3F joined as the appreciative audience.



The assembly kicked off with a serene morning prayer, in which the choir united the audience in harmony. The chosen prayer, ‘Sangachadwam’, set the tone for a day of learning and sharing. Following this serene start, the morning took a thought-provoking turn with “Thought of the Day”. Anaisha Thusoo presented a profound quote on ‘Friendship,’ offering a reflective moment to all. Building on this contemplative note, Avyan Bhardwaj and Jinisha Gupta eloquently delivered the latest in international, national, and sports news, coupled with a succinct weather forecast.




The holistic development of the students was aptly demonstrated through a series of engaging activities. The yoga segment showcased the students’ flexibility and focus, as they gracefully performed various poses learned in their yoga classes. Sparsh Srivastava provided insightful commentary, acquainting the audience with the names and benefits of each asana.


The martial arts prowess of the students was on full display during the Taekwondo performance, where a demonstration of kicks and punches highlighted their discipline and physical fitness. This was followed by a captivating Hindi poem presentation titled ‘Paani Bachao,’ creatively enacted by six students who integrated props and flashcards to complement the recitation.

In the realm of language arts, Aryahi Tripathi masterfully introduced the concept of fiction and non-fiction through an engaging discussion about the library’s book collection. She concluded her segment with an interactive round of inferential questions, fostering critical thinking and participation.


The realm of mathematics was brought to life by Saranya Sharma, who effectively summarized recent lessons on addition and subtraction relationships, ‘Lakdi ke Khilone’ word problems, and story sums. Meanwhile, the realm of Environmental Studies found expression through a lively recitation of the poem ‘Clouds’, accompanied by imaginative props that brought the verses to life.


A magnificent dance performance radiated the spirit of patriotism, as the children donned traditional white kurta pyjamas with saffron or green stoles, and gracefully moved to the rhythm, exemplifying their connection to the nation. The stage then transformed into a dramatic platform, where a group of students portrayed a skit on water conservation. Through their roles, they conveyed an essential message to their peers about the significance of saving water in everyday life.


The assembly reached its culmination with the melodious rendition of the ‘National Anthem’, reminding everyone of the values that bind the nation together. The event was not only a celebration of academic accomplishments but also a testament to the development of vital life skills, including confidence, communication, teamwork, and presentation.

This Class 3C assembly at The Khaitan School truly provided a platform for students to shine, fostering an environment where learning goes beyond the confines of textbooks. As these young learners confidently shared their classroom learnings and co-curricular skills, they also demonstrated the transformative power of education in shaping well-rounded individuals. The assembly served as a reminder that every child possesses a unique set of talents, waiting to be discovered and celebrated on a grand stage.

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