Empowering Future Leaders: Students’ Inspirational Visit to Parliament House



In the relentless pursuit of nurturing the next generation of global leaders, The Khaitan School orchestrated a remarkable opportunity for its Grade XII Humanities students. A visit to the esteemed Parliament house was not only an educational endeavor but a profound experience that illuminated the path toward responsible citizenship and effective governance.



For these young scholars, the prospect of setting foot inside the hallowed halls of the Parliament house was akin to realizing a cherished dream. The anticipation was tangible as the students were about to embark on a journey that would bring their textbooks to life, offering a firsthand understanding of the democratic machinery that drives our nation.



The visit became all the more extraordinary with the chance to witness esteemed Members of Parliament in action. The presence of prominent figures such as Ms. Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar and Shatrughan Sinha was a testament to the significance of the occasion. The students were not only in the presence of these accomplished individuals, but they were also exposed to the inner workings of the political process – a privilege that very few experience firsthand.

Braving the halls of the Parliament house with enthusiasm and smiles, the students immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the institution that holds the strings of India’s governance. The aim was to grasp the mechanics of parliamentary functioning and delve into the intricate legislative procedures that shape our nation’s destiny.

Of paramount importance was the opportunity to observe a session of the Lok Sabha. This encounter provided the students with a ringside seat to witness democracy in action. The spirited debates, the exchange of ideas, and the formulation of policies unfolded before their eyes, leaving a lasting impression on their young minds. No textbook could compare to the value of witnessing, in real time, the manifestation of their classroom studies.



The synergy between theoretical knowledge and practical experience reached its zenith during this visit. Concepts that were once confined to the pages of books were now illuminated by the clarity of observation. The students could forge meaningful connections between the theoretical concepts they had studied and the tangible reality of the parliamentary session. It was an exercise in connecting the dots, bridging the gap between academia and real-world application.


A crowning moment during the visit was the gracious encounter with Dr. Mahesh Sharma, a respected Member of Parliament. His welcoming demeanor and his willingness to engage with the students amplified the significance of the occasion. This personal touch provided the students with an intimate glimpse into the lives of those who steer the nation’s destiny, making the entire experience even more special and memorable.

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