Empowering Girls Through Sport: Inter-House Girls’ Football Competition








At The Khaitan School, the spirit of empowerment and unity is more than just a motto; it’s a way of life. In pursuit of these ideals, an exhilarating inter-house girls’ football competition was recently held on school premises, marking a glorious celebration of athleticism, teamwork, and confidence-building among the female students.


The event commenced on October 5th, 2023, with the much-anticipated league matches that saw spirited participation from teams representing all four school houses. The league matches provided a vibrant showcase of talent, as students showcased their passion for football and their commitment to their respective houses.

Among the many competitive matches, two teams shone the brightest: Team Aravali and Team Meghalaya. They displayed not only remarkable sportsmanship but also an outstanding level of skill and strategy that earned them the coveted spots in the finals.


The pinnacle of the competition came on October 6th, 2023, when Team Aravali and Team Meghalaya clashed in an intense showdown for the championship. The grand finale was a culmination of the hard work, dedication, and sheer determination exhibited by both teams. The atmosphere was electric, with the cheers of fellow students and teachers spurring the young athletes on.

After a fiercely contested match, Team Aravali emerged as the champions of the inter-house girls’ football competition. Their victory was a testament to their perseverance, teamwork, and exceptional talent on the field. The sense of accomplishment and jubilation that filled the air was a testament to the hours of practice and determination they invested in their pursuit of excellence.



The young athletes were not alone in their celebrations. The Head of the Middle School (HOMS), Ms. Pooja Singh, took the opportunity to appreciate and encourage the students. Her inspirational words resonated with the young athletes, reinforcing the idea that sports can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth, character development, and confidence building.


The results of the inter-house girls’ football competition were as follows:

1. First Place: Aravali House
2. Second Place: Meghalaya House
3. Third Place: Shivalik House
4. Fourth Place: Nilgiri House


This event was not just a competition; it was a celebration of female empowerment, a demonstration of unity among houses, and an affirmation of the values that The Khaitan School stands for.

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