Empowering Parents: The School Hosts Insightful Orientation for Class IX Students


On April 6, 2024, The Khaitan School in Noida warmly welcomed the parents of Class IX students to an offline orientation session, aimed at providing valuable insights into their child’s academic journey and holistic development. Under the capable direction of the Officiating Head of Senior School, Ms. Anjana Vashishtha, the session was led by a distinguished panel of educators, including Ms. Surbhi Chaudhary, Ms. Shivani Sood, and Dr. Neha Dutt, along with an expert team of teachers.

The orientation program, held in two sessions, catered to the sections of IX A to D and IX E to H respectively. The event kicked off with a comprehensive presentation by Ms. Surbhi Chaudhary, the Form Head, who provided parents with an overview of the CBSE curriculum, class timetable, and various co-scholastic and sports activities available to students. Additionally, the introduction of class teachers for all sections fostered a sense of connection and collaboration between parents and educators.

Following this, Ms. Shivani Sood, the Exam Department Head, navigated parents through the assessment pattern of Class IX, shedding light on the evaluation process and emphasizing the importance of academic rigor and preparation. Dr. Neha Dutt, the school counselor, addressed the emotional dimension of adolescence, stressing the need for open communication and support to navigate this critical phase of development successfully.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the orientation event was the engaging Q&A session, where parents actively participated, seeking clarity on various aspects of their child’s education and well-being. The enthusiasm and eagerness displayed by parents underscored their commitment to their child’s academic success and overall growth. The panel of teachers, in turn, provided insightful and satisfactory responses, reaffirming the school’s dedication to fostering a collaborative partnership with parents.

As the orientation program drew to a close, Ms. Nidhi Bindra extended a vote of gratitude to all attendees, expressing appreciation for their active participation and support. The event concluded on a convivial note, with parents and staff coming together for a gathering over tea, fostering camaraderie and camaraderie within the school community.

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