Empowering Service: Interact Club Installation Ceremony





The spirit of service and community engagement took center stage at The Khaitan School as the installation ceremony of the Interact Club unfolded in a splendid event on August 23, 2023. With esteemed guests and dignitaries present, the ceremony marked the beginning of a new chapter of social responsibility and collaborative action.

Interact Club Installation Ceremony

Celebrating Leadership and Service


The installation ceremony, held in the school’s auditorium, was graced by the presence of Mr. Sajeev Philip, Officiating Principal of The Khaitan School, Rotarian Mr. Ashutosh Singhal, President of Rotary Club Noida, Rtn Alka Chopra, co-chair of youth affairs, and other prominent members of the Rotary Club Noida. The event bore witness to the induction of Pritika Sharma as the President of the Interact Club, with Manasvi Singh stepping into the role of Vice President. Other dedicated members of the club assumed roles as Directors and Interactors.

Interact Club Installation Ceremony




A Call to Social Responsibility


In his address, Mr. Sajeev Philip congratulated the Interact Club team for their choice to be part of this esteemed club. He underscored the idea that being part of a privileged section comes with the moral responsibility to give back to society in any way possible. This message of social responsibility resonated strongly with the young leaders and emphasized the significance of their roles in the club’s initiatives.

Interact Club Installation Ceremony


President of the Rotary Club Noida, Rotarian Mr. Ashutosh Singhal, took the stage to share insights into the history of the Rotary Club’s inception and the theme of the year – “Create Hope in the World.” He highlighted the Rotary Club’s commitment to service projects across various sectors of society. He applauded The Khaitan School’s ongoing efforts in community service and encouraged the Interact Club members to continue initiating impactful community projects, drawing inspiration from the school’s earlier successful endeavors.

Interact Club Installation Ceremony

A Cultural Showcase of Excellence


The ceremony was a harmonious blend of solemnity and vibrancy. Melodious shlokas set the spiritual tone of the event, evoking a sense of unity and reverence. A dazzling Western music performance enthralled the audience, showcasing the students’ artistic talents. A mesmerizing classical fusion dance, seamlessly blending Bharatnatyam and Kathak, captured the essence of Indian culture and grace.

Interact Club Installation Ceremony

Reflections and Reporting

The past Interact Club President, Vidushi Banerjee, and Joint Secretary, Utkarsh Singh, presented an engaging and comprehensive Annual Report of the club’s activities during the 2022-23 session. This presentation celebrated the achievements of the club, showcasing the collective efforts that made the session a success. The report illuminated the diversity of projects and initiatives undertaken by the club, leaving a strong impression on the audience.

Closing with Gratitude


The installation ceremony drew to a close with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Mrs. Bindu Gupta, Head of the English Department and Teacher-in-charge. Her words of appreciation resonated with the spirit of collaboration and dedication that defined the event. The ceremony encapsulated the essence of the Interact Club, igniting the flame of service and inspiring the young leaders to embrace their roles with enthusiasm.

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