Empowering Students: Gender Sensitization Workshop




In a world where education goes beyond the confines of textbooks and classrooms, it is imperative to prepare our students not only academically but also emotionally and socially. In a significant step towards fostering a safer and more inclusive environment, The Khaitan School recently organized a Gender Sensitization Workshop for students in Grades 3 to 5. The workshop, conducted by the school counselor, Ms. Pooja Ahuja, aimed to raise awareness about gender roles, their evolution, and the crucial concept of safe and unsafe touches.

Understanding Gender Roles


One of the central themes of the workshop was to delve into the gender roles ingrained in our society and the impact these roles have on our lives. Students were encouraged to reflect on the stereotypes and expectations they encounter daily. This discussion allowed them to recognize that gender roles are not fixed and that they can change over time. By understanding that individuals should not be limited by societal expectations based on their gender, the workshop laid the foundation for more progressive thinking among the students.

Safe and Unsafe Touches


A significant aspect of the workshop was the sensitive topic of safe and unsafe touches. Ms. Pooja Ahuja employed a variety of techniques to help students understand this crucial issue. Real-life examples were used to illustrate what constitutes a safe touch, such as a hug from a family member, and what might be considered an unsafe touch, such as an unwelcome gesture from a stranger. These practical examples helped demystify the concept for the young participants.

Visual Learning Aid


Incorporating multimedia tools into the workshop, a video presentation on the topic of “Good and Bad Touch” was shown to the students. Visual aids like this video often prove to be highly effective in delivering messages to young learners. The video aimed to reinforce the importance of recognizing and responding to uncomfortable or inappropriate situations, emphasizing the need to communicate with trusted adults when faced with such incidents.

Interactive and Fruitful Session


The success of the workshop can be attributed to its interactive nature. Instead of a one-sided lecture, Ms. Pooja Ahuja encouraged students to actively engage with the topic. Questions were welcomed, and scenarios were discussed openly. This approach allowed the children to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns.

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