Enhancing Education Quality: TAISI’s Educators Conference Inspires Innovation and Bridge Learning Gaps












In a concerted effort to elevate the standard of education across India, The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI) orchestrated a dynamic Educators Conference on November 4th, 2023, hosted at Nalapad Academy in Bengaluru. The event aimed to foster a community of educators dedicated to enhancing the quality of education. Among the attendees were Ms. Preeti Gambhir, Subject Lead Social Science Middle School, and Ms. Pallavi Tyagi, Primary Curriculum Coordinator from The Khaitan School.

Commencing with a ceremonious lighting of the lamp by Ms. Aruna Kalyanraman, Principal of Nalapad Academy, and Ms. Anju Monga, Chairperson of TAISI, the event opened with a captivating Bharatanatyam dance performed by two students, setting a vibrant tone for the day.

The first session, led by Mr. Vishnu Karthik, Co-founder of Heritage International Xperiential Schools, and Ms. Prerna Manan, Head of Middle School at the same institution, revolved around “Bridging learning gaps between middle and senior school years.” They elucidated their school practices emphasizing Project-Based Learning rooted in real-life experiences and local settings. Emphasizing the creation of real products for actual audiences, nurturing self-directed learners, and focusing on fundamental skills like reading and writing, they outlined strategies to bridge the gap between middle and senior schools.


Following this insightful session was an interactive ice-breaking segment conducted by Ms. Mahima Mathur from Nalapad Academy, fostering connections and exchange among the conference attendees.


The subsequent sessions, spearheaded by Mr. Vardan Kabra, Co-founder & Head of School at Fountainhead School, Surat, and Ms. Neha Sinha, IB PYP Facilitator from Neev Academy International Baccalaureate, centered on addressing the learning gaps between primary and middle school years. They deliberated on strategies to streamline curricula, emphasizing skills over content and discussed challenges faced when transitioning PYP kids to Class VI, proposing solutions to mitigate the issues.

The event’s finale, presented by Mr. Conrad Botha, Head of Early Years at Wellington College India, Pune, focused on the “sustainability of solutions.” Mr. Botha expounded on the concept of “academic abilities” and proposed a teaching-learning plan around it. He introduced the Cognitive Abilities Test 4th edition (CAT4), used during admissions and throughout the term to assess and improve learners’ academic abilities. The day culminated with a closing ceremony and certificate distribution.

TAISI’s Educators Conference at Nalapad Academy stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration among educators, fostering an environment where sharing best practices and evolving teaching methodologies are key. The insights shared by esteemed educators have paved the way for bridging learning gaps, focusing on skill development, and implementing sustainable solutions, aiming to revolutionize the educational landscape in India.

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