Enhancing Teaching Excellence: Teachers’ Training Workshop

In a quest to uphold their commitment to quality education, The Khaitan School, New Delhi, recently organized a two-day training workshop for the teachers of the Senior Wing on October 19th and 20th, 2023. The workshop was conducted by the Sleepwell Foundation as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, ‘Train The Teacher.’ The overarching aim of this initiative is to bring about significant and positive changes in the lives of both children and adults through the empowerment of educators.

Day One: Empowering Teachers with Essential Skills

The first day of the workshop commenced with an enlightening session led by Ms. Praveen Gautam on the topic of “Assessments.” The session began by highlighting the aims of education as defined by the New Education Policy, emphasizing their profound impact on school assessments.


Ms. Gautam delved into the crucial concept of Formative Assessments and their role in diagnosing the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process. She explored various teaching styles, including flip teaching, peer teaching, group discussions, role plays, and self-assessment, providing valuable insights into when and how to employ these methods effectively. Moreover, common challenges faced while conducting both formative and summative assessments were addressed, offering resourceful interaction and effective practices for supporting slower learners and managing classroom dynamics.


The first session concluded with a well-deserved lunch break, allowing the teachers to recharge and prepare for the afternoon session.



Day One: Navigating Challenges in the Classroom

The afternoon session was led by Ms. Pratima, who tackled the challenging issue of ‘Handling difficult students and situations.’ Ms. Pratima began by underlining the importance of discipline in a student’s life and how teachers can contribute to creating a purposeful, supportive, and safe teaching and learning environment.


This session involved thought-provoking discussions on disciplining techniques, which include the three elements of discipline: Reward, Education, and Punishment. The importance of consistency in classroom discipline was emphasized, along with an analysis of average concentration spans by age. The Sandwich feedback method and strategies for dealing with various types of students in a class were pivotal aspects of the session. The day concluded with a feedback session, where teachers shared their views and recommendations on the workshop.



Day Two: The Power of Effective Communication

The second day of the workshop centered on the significance of effective communication in a classroom setting. Teachers learned about the importance of etiquette during classroom interactions, which is critical in creating a conducive learning environment and maintaining respectful and productive teacher-student relationships.


Throughout the two-day program, a significant emphasis was placed on understanding the role of oral and written communication in the professional world. Effective communication was recognized as a fundamental skill essential for a person’s success and effectiveness, both inside and outside the classroom. The participants gained valuable knowledge and practical insights into improving their communication skills during this workshop.



Day Two: Crafting Engaging Lesson Plans

The final session of the workshop was co-led by Ms. Pratima Virwani and Ms. Parveen Gautam, focusing on ‘Lesson Planning.’ The session began by highlighting how to create effective lesson plans, aiding teachers in organizing the materials and resources required for their lessons. The participants engaged in a brainstorming discussion on the components of lesson plans and the SMART technique method, which ensures that teachers have everything they need to deliver the lesson effectively, with materials readily available when required.

Furthermore, the key components and benefits of lesson planning were discussed with the aid of real-life examples, providing teachers with practical insights into this vital aspect of teaching. The session concluded with an interactive activity that allowed teachers to apply what they had learned.


In conclusion, The Khaitan School’s two-day teacher training workshop, conducted in collaboration with the Sleepwell Foundation, was a comprehensive and enlightening experience for educators. The sessions on assessments, classroom discipline, communication, and lesson planning provided teachers with essential skills and knowledge to enhance their teaching practices. Such initiatives play a crucial role in ensuring that educators are well-equipped to empower the next generation with quality education and foster holistic development. The commitment of both the school and the foundation to this endeavor is indeed commendable, and the ripple effects of this training will undoubtedly benefit countless students in the future.

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