Environment Club: Campaign to segregate waste and To reduce food waste in school canteen


The Khaitan School in Noida has always emphasized the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability among its students. In line with this vision, the school’s environment club recently organized a campaign aimed at raising awareness about waste segregation and reducing food waste. The students’ active participation and the involvement of their parents have played a significant role in the success of this initiative.


The environment club at The Khaitan School is dedicated to nurturing the skills of observation, surveying, analysis, and reasoning required for environmental conservation. The club believes that through hands-on activities, students can develop a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving the environment and take action to protect it.

Environment Club Campaign at The Khaitan School


With the collaboration of the community outreach club, the environment club took their first step toward spreading awareness about waste segregation and reducing food waste. The students designed vibrant posters depicting the significance of waste segregation and the detrimental impact of food wastage. These posters were prominently displayed on the walls of the school canteen, where they could catch the attention of students and staff alike.


During break times, the environment club members actively engaged with their peers, personally discussing the issue of food wastage and motivating them to make a change. They emphasized the importance of mindful consumption, encouraging students to avoid wasting food and suggesting alternatives to using aluminum foil, which contributes to environmental pollution. The proper use of the blue and green bins for waste segregation was also explained, ensuring that students had a clear understanding of the segregation process.

Environment Club Campaign at The Khaitan School

Recognizing the vital role that parents play in shaping their children’s behavior, the school administration ensured that parents were actively involved in the campaign. Monthly reports were sent to parents, informing them about the activities carried out by the environment club and the progress made in waste segregation and reducing food waste in the school canteen. This ensured that parents were kept informed and could support the initiatives at home as well.


The campaign organized by The Khaitan School’s environment club has yielded positive outcomes. As a result of the students’ efforts, there has been a noticeable improvement in waste segregation practices within the school canteen. Students have become more conscious of the impact of their actions on the environment and have taken responsibility for their choices. This has created a culture of cleanliness and sustainability within the school, inspiring others to follow suit.

Environment Club Campaign at The Khaitan School

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