Career Awareness Workshop

Aug 1, 2020

Principal Mrs Rina singh addressing the audience

On 1st August, The Khaitan School, Noida organized a virtual career counselling workshop for the students and parents of class XI and XII. The workshops were divided into batches of three namely Humanities, Science and Commerce.

The workshop started by introducing the new Head of Senior School Mr Sajeev Philip and the new Principal of the Khaitan school, Ms Rina Singh.

Eminent career counsellor, Mr Jitin Chawla, founder and Director of North India’s topmost career counselling and study abroad firm, Centre for Career Development, located in Delhi, conducted the workshop.

The session with Commerce & Humanities stream, focused on various career opportunities after graduating with and without Maths, breaking various preconceived notions regarding many college admission processes, clarifying doubts regarding job opportunities during COVID and thereafter.

He apprised the audience of various career opportunities that can be pursued after graduating from school which was over and above the conventional choices, like CA, B.com, etc which are much talked about. Mr Chawla also suggested certain offbeat courses that can be looked into and which colleges to look upon, for example, to become a certified fraud examiner which is in demand due to an increase in fraud and forgery, one could do B.com Honors and get into Gujrat Forensic University. Yet another position in demand is Insolvency Professionals for big companies and banks. He also suggested that the aspirants could also combine various courses in colleges to carve out a different path for themselves like Management with Film making, Organizational psychology, etc.

Mr Chawla shared stories of a few children whose case studies have inspired many. They had started something of their own and thereon under the umbrella of successful industrialists like Ratan Tata, and others made a big name for themselves.  Web series like Shark tank or documentaries like Jobs and movies like In Pursuit of Happyness, Social network, The founder, History 101 were advised as success stories that could inspire the students to take that leap of faith and look beyond the tried and tested formulas of life.

Law, BBA, Digital Marketing, Mass Communication, Animation and Multimedia Design, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism were few of the suggestions to break the notion regarding life after Commerce without Maths or for Humanities stream.

Overall it was a very educative and informative session by Mr Chawla. The workshop not only benefitted the Parents and Students but also the faculty members. It opened a pandora’s box of choices in front of them and removed the myths and misconceptions about courses and admission criteria.

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