Class 2A Assembly With The Theme “Music”

Feb 3, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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On December 27, 2022, the Class 2A students organised the Class Assembly with great enthusiasm. Teachers and students from all sections of Class 2 attended the assembly, which was held in the school auditorium.

The assembly’s learning objectives included:

  • To provide kids a stage on which to display their abilities and skills.
  • To improve student’s’ performance and public speaking abilities.
  • To motivate kids to interact positively with their classmates.
  • To encourage the practise of reflecting on one’s knowledge from the classroom and current events.
  • To make it easier for kids to understand the month’s theme, “Music.”

The Assembly’s primary activities and events included the following:

Morning Prayer: Divita and Jenisha, the comperes, welcomed everyone to the meeting by inviting the choir to the morning prayer.

News: Aarohi provided the day’s news in order to keep the audience informed of the most recent events taking place throughout the world. The importance of following the news was emphasised to the students.

English language lessons: The students discussed what they had learned about music in their English classes. The kids informed the audience of this as well as how they had been practising “Picture Description” as part of their writing abilities.

Musical Instruments: This was followed by a brief educational discussion on musical instruments, during which one student spoke up and provided details about several instruments. This encouraged the idea of peer learning by assisting their classmates in learning about the same things.

Mathematical learnings: To discuss the lessons learned in math class, a student described how they discovered several mathematical operations by asking relevant questions based on the “Remo the Rhino” narrative.

Pottery: Aaryan thought about how to build a cottage out of clay as he discussed the process of mastering pottery.

Yoga: A few students demonstrated certain asanas as Deetya spoke about the advantages of the practice.

Dance: A student spoke about several Indian dance styles. The students also learned about the classical and folk dance styles during this talk.

In order to wrap up the programme, the students shared their opinions and reflections on the assembly. The National Anthem was performed to bring the event to a close. Overall, the event went off smoothly and gave the students a feeling of accomplishment. They left feeling revitalised for the rest of the day.


Feb 3, 2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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