Orientation Programme (I-V)

Mar 26, 2021

“A parent is a teacher at home, a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe.” 

The orientation programme for Classes III to V began with a description and analysis of the school’s vision and mission, the curriculum, the prevailing systems, teaching methodologies, infrastructure, co-scholastic activities and assessment strategies. It was wrapped up with a Question/Answer session.  

The parents were given an insight into the TKS learning system, which identifies the specific skill set of every child and helps each one of them to derive motivation not only from within but also from the without, which is the environment.

Also, various attributes of the upcoming session like assessments, strategies, tools etc. were praised by all. Even the inclusion of hands-on activities, interdisciplinary connections, SEE Learning and ‘WHY’ of an assessment drew great awe and appreciation. The parents were highly appreciative of the efforts put in by the school and were equally upbeat about the quality of curriculum introduced. As a practice, all parents queries were answered to satisfactory levels by the teachers and they were apprised of the new infrastructure. Parents looked really very keen and are eagerly looking forward to the new session.

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