Feb 13, 2021

Spring is the reminder of how beautiful change can truly be and an apt  quote, in this context by Anne Bradstreet says “If we had no winter the spring would not be so pleasant.”

On 13th Feb’21 the Pre-Primary wing celebrated Spring Carnival on the virtual platform. Parents of the Pre- Primary wing attended the informal programme, attired in lovely florals, which set the tone of the Spring season.The programme “Basant Bahar” included a series of of fun filled and engaging activities, woven around the theme, for the wholehearted enjoyment of the parents.

Their enthusiastic participation in the games like Scavenger Hunt , Bujho to  jaane and  Quiz created a positive and joyful environment. The winners were cheered  with virtual applauses galore.


The overwhelming appreciation of the programme by the parents is symbolic of the strong bond and synergy between the parents and school.

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