Jul 1, 2021 to Jul 7, 2021

“Forests are the world’s air-conditioning system—the lungs of the planet—and we are on the verge of switching it off.”    -Prince Charles

The benefits of trees cannot be quantified and there is a dire need to create an enthusiasm in the mind of the populace for the conservation of forests and planting of trees.Van Mahotsav or Forest Festival is an annual tree-planting festival celebrated in the month of July in which thousands of trees are planted all over the country. The festival raises the awareness of trees among people and highlights the need for planting and tending to trees as one of the best ways to prevent global warming and reduce environmental pollution.

Students of the primary wing of TKS also observed Van Mahotsav from 1st-7th July, 2021.They were motivated to plant saplings,water the plants in their balconies,make posters on saving trees with catchy slogans,write poems and articles on Van Mahotsav.The planting and nurturing of trees by the students created  a sense of belonging with their environment and fostered sensitivity towards care of plants.While planting seeds and saplings in soil, the students also got hands on experiences on the process of germination, importance of soil, absorption of minerals by roots and the practices of farming.

Students  posted their pictures on padlet with respect to the projects undertaken by them.

They did these activities with joy and pledged to make the environment more beautiful by planting more trees and taking care of the environment.

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