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                                  EVMS workshop held on 29/03/16

A workshop on ‘Modern techniques and best methodology for teaching EVMS’ was conducted by resource person Mr. Ali Zamah from Cardova Publications pvt. Ltd. The main focus was learning through oratory, visual, read and write and kinaesthetic techniques to cater to the needs of average, below average and above average students. Teachers from class- 1-5 attended the workshop.

The techniques discussed to make interactive classroom teaching effective were:

  1. Z-A Technique: to bridge the gap between students daily life experiences with the content in the book.
  2. Key terms technique: use of ply cards, flashcards, models to explain the new terms in the chapter.
  3. Mind Mapping: Use of hints, examples, flow chart, and web chart to explain the concepts.
  4. Humour technique: use of humour to make learning interesting and engaging.
  5. Instructional technique: Instructions given should be clear, precise and specific.

It was an informative and interesting workshop.

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