EVS WORKSHOP on ‘Water Footprint’


‘Saving water is a good deed,

It’s an essential resource we all need.’

An EVS workshop on ‘Water Footprint’ was conducted for students of class 4 on 26.12.19 at The Khaitan school, Noida by Tree Craze Foundation. The resource person was Ms. Pallavi Jain.

 The main objective of the workshop was to apprise the students about ‘Water Footprint’ i.e water used in relation to consumption by people and understand the value of water and various ways to conserve it. The resource person started the session by asking interesting   questions. The students answered them with great enthusiasm. Later she explained about ‘Water Footprint’ and various facts related to it by taking examples from various real life situations.

After the workshop the students realized that water could be colourless   itself but it gives colours to life.

The students participated with great zeal and promised to reduce the Water Footprint and save water for our future generation.

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