Exploring Healthy Habits: Class IG Assembly


The young minds of Class I G at The Khaitan School came together on the 7th of August, 2023, to showcase their talents and insights on the theme ‘What’s on my plate?’. The Amphi-Theatre was abuzz with excitement as the students, faculty, and guests gathered to witness this vibrant assembly. The Coordinator of Class I and II, Ms. Monika Kumar, graced the event along with the enthusiastic audience comprising students from classes IA, IB, and IC.


The assembly was not just a moment of performance but a means to fulfill several essential learning objectives:

1. Platform for Talent Exploration: The assembly provided a unique platform for these young learners to step onto a stage and exhibit their talents. It allowed them to shed their inhibitions, gain confidence, and nurture their self-expression.

2. Promoting Healthy Eating: In a world where healthy food habits are imperative, the assembly aimed to increase awareness among the students regarding the significance of consuming nutritious food. It encouraged them to make mindful choices about what they eat.

3. Reflection on Classroom Learning: The assembly prompted the students to reflect on their classroom learning experiences. It reinforced the connection between what they learn in their regular classes and how they can apply that knowledge creatively.


4. Fostering Communication Culture: Through the assembly, the school aimed to establish a culture of effective communication and representation of both academic and co-curricular activities. This experience instilled in them the importance of effective communication.

The assembly unfolded meticulously, each segment contributing to its overall purpose:

1. Welcoming and Setting the Tone: The assembly was hosted by two confident comperes who welcomed the audience and introduced the theme. Their introduction set the tone for what was to follow.

2. Invocation and Thought of the Day: The assembly commenced with a serene morning prayer, seeking blessings for the day. This was followed by a ‘thought of the day’ that resonated with the theme, planting seeds of healthy thought in young minds.


3. Theme Learning: A student presented crucial insights about healthy eating, emphasizing its importance. This segment aimed to educate the audience on the benefits of making wise food choices.

4. Poem Recitations: The students recited poems from their curriculum with impeccable pronunciation and expressive delivery. These recitations showcased their linguistic abilities and confidence.

5. Fitness and Well-being: The assembly integrated physical well-being by showcasing the students’ yoga skills. This not only displayed their physical flexibility but also encouraged their peers to adopt a daily yoga practice.

6. Sharing Classroom Learning: Students shared their learning experiences from various subjects such as Cooking, Gardening, Mathematics, English, and Project lessons. This highlighted their holistic development and aptitude in different domains.


7. Interaction and Engagement: The assembly involved an interactive question-and-answer session. The class teacher elucidated the assembly’s planning, followed by an opportunity for the audience to question the performers.


The climax of the assembly was marked by the soulful rendition of the National Anthem, symbolizing unity and patriotism. This assembly proved to be an unforgettable experience for the Class I G students, leaving an indelible mark in their academic journey.


The assembly served as a vibrant canvas where these young learners painted a picture of their growing skills, knowledge, and creativity.

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