Exploring Learning Through Artistry: Class 1A’s Creative Assembly










Education extends far beyond the confines of textbooks and classroom walls. It’s a journey filled with opportunities for creativity, self-expression, and collaboration. On the 11th of October, 2023, Class 1A at our school proved this point emphatically by conducting a vibrant assembly under the theme “Where do we live?” The A Block Amphitheatre was brimming with anticipation as students showcased their talents and achievements in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Learning Objectives: The assembly was not merely a performance but a holistic learning experience. It aimed to achieve several key objectives:


  • Encourage students to communicate confidently in front of an audience, emphasizing clear and loud voices.

  • Foster self-confidence and self-esteem by providing a platform to showcase their talents.

  • Promote teamwork and cooperation through group activities and performances.

  • Encourage creativity and self-expression through art, music, and storytelling.

  • Create an opportunity for students to share their class activities with the broader audience.



Assembly Highlights:


  • 1. Prayer: The assembly began with a heartfelt prayer, setting the tone for the event with a sense of unity and reverence.

  • 2. Theme Presentation: The students creatively recited the poem “A Happy Child” as a choir, incorporating expressive actions. This was followed by a presentation of another poem, “This is Big,” with a discussion on opposite words.

  • 3. Hindi Recitation: The students captivated the audience with a recitation of the Hindi poem “Chunmun Chidiya,” adding a layer of visual storytelling through actions. Additionally, a student shared their personal experience related to the classroom activity “Mera Ghar,” holding a picture of their house and describing it to the audience.


  • 4. Math Insights: Two students elaborated on the teaching and learning aids, such as the Ganit Rack and the concept of the Empty Number Line, highlighting their purposes and applications in the classroom.

  • 5. SEEL (Social-Emotional and Ethical Learning): A student shared insights into the valuable life management skills taught in SEEL lessons, emphasizing the concept of the ‘treasure chest’ and even displaying it to the audience.

  • 6. Culinary Arts: One student explained the step-by-step process of preparing a delicious hung curd sandwich they had made in their cooking lesson, holding a picture of the dish for visual reference.




  • 7. Yoga and Dance: The students showcased their flexibility and grace through yoga asanas and a Diwali dance performance. These activities emphasized the importance of physical well-being and cultural expression.

  • 8. Taekwondo: The assembly included a dynamic Taekwondo display, featuring moves such as the Face Punch, Down Punch, Forward Bent, and Shoulder Rotation, promoting discipline and physical fitness.

  • 9. Indian Music: A melodious choir of students sang “Megh Ki Oar Se,” showcasing their talent in Indian classical music and evoking a sense of cultural heritage.



  • 10. Question and Answer Round: The assembly concluded with an interactive question-and-answer session where students fielded questions from the audience, providing an opportunity for reflection on the theme and their performances.

  • 11. National Anthem: The assembly concluded on a patriotic note, with a heartfelt rendition of the national anthem, fostering a sense of unity and pride.


This assembly was more than just a presentation; it was an opportunity for students to shine, showcase their skills, and celebrate their diverse talents. It provided an invaluable platform for them to grow, learn, and create beautiful memories that they can carry with them on their lifelong journey of learning. The assembly beautifully encapsulated the essence of holistic education, where knowledge is intertwined with creativity, expression, and collaboration.

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