Exploring the Hidden World: Class 4 Students’ Interactive Session with the School Gardener


Curiosity knows no bounds, especially in the minds of young learners eager to unravel the mysteries of the world around them. On May 2nd, the inquisitive Class 4 students of our school embarked on a journey of discovery as they engaged in an interactive session with one of the unsung heroes of our campus – the school’s Gardener. What ensued was a captivating exploration of the natural world, as students delved beneath the surface to uncover the wonders of plant life.


With wide-eyed wonder and eager anticipation, the students gathered around the school’s Gardener, ready to embark on a journey of discovery. Armed with questions and fueled by curiosity, they eagerly sought to learn more about his work and the fascinating world of plants.


As the session unfolded, the Gardener, with years of experience and a deep passion for his craft, shared insights into his daily routine and the intricacies of maintaining the school’s lush greenery. From watering and pruning to nurturing new growth, he provided a glimpse into the tireless efforts that go into creating and maintaining a vibrant garden ecosystem.

But it was beneath the surface that the true magic awaited. With gentle hands and a keen eye, the Gardener unearthed various types of roots, offering students a rare glimpse into the hidden world beneath their feet. As they examined the intricate network of roots up close, students marveled at the complexity and ingenuity of nature’s design, gaining a newfound appreciation for the vital role roots play in sustaining plant life.

Amidst the lively exchange of questions and answers, students’ curiosity soared to new heights as they eagerly absorbed every nugget of knowledge shared by the Gardener. From the different types of roots to their functions and adaptations, each revelation sparked a sense of wonder and fascination, igniting a passion for learning that transcended the confines of the classroom.

As the interactive session drew to a close, students departed with a deeper understanding of the natural world and a renewed sense of wonderment for the beauty and complexity of plant life. The experience not only enriched their academic knowledge but also fostered a sense of connection to the living organisms that inhabit our environment.

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