Exploring the Living World: Class 2 A’s Vibrant Reptiles Assembly











The Class 2 A students at The Khaitan School recently came together to organize an engaging and informative class assembly, centered around the theme of the “Living World – Reptiles.” On the 12th of October, 2023, in the A Block Amphitheatre, the students showcased their talents and knowledge to an eager audience, which included fellow students from sections C and D of Class 2, as well as their teachers and proud parents.

The primary objectives of this assembly were to encourage students to enhance their communication skills, build self-confidence, promote teamwork, encourage creativity, and showcase their classroom learning to their peers. The young learners achieved these objectives with great enthusiasm and flair.


Morning Prayer and Yoga – The assembly kicked off with a soothing morning prayer, showcasing the class choir’s melodious voices. The calm and serene atmosphere set the stage for a fantastic assembly. Following the prayer, the students demonstrated twelve sets of Yoga Asanas, including the Surya Namaskar, Full Cobra Pose, Padmasana, and Wheel Pose. During these performances, their peers eloquently spoke about the physical and mental benefits of each yoga pose, fostering a sense of holistic well-being.

Sharing Classroom – Learning The young scholars then took the opportunity to share their insights and knowledge gained during the last cycle in various scholastic and co-scholastic subjects. This part of the assembly highlighted the importance of classroom learning, giving parents and teachers a glimpse into their academic progress and understanding.


Exploring Reptiles – The assembly’s central theme, “Reptiles,” was introduced by Nimrat and Samarth, who shared fascinating facts about these cold-blooded creatures. Their engaging presentation was followed by a fun-filled reptile quiz conducted by Shlok and Nysha, which challenged the audience’s knowledge and enthusiasm. The facts and quiz were met with appreciation and applause from the audience.

Language and Mathematics – Language and mathematics were showcased with finesse. The students recited a Hindi poem, “म्याऊं म्याऊं,” with expression and proper voice modulation. Pragyan then shared his learning from the Hindi lesson, “लिंग बदलो.” In the realm of mathematics, Kiyansh captivated the audience with an exploration of the concept of moving forward on the number line (ENL).


Cooking and Music – The importance of life skills was highlighted when Manasvi shared her learnings from cooking lessons. Cooking, as a vital life skill, enables students to develop self-sufficiency and independence. This was followed by the soulful rendition of a song by Suryansh and a group of talented musicians. Their performance showcased the positive impact of music on our lives. The assembly continued with the English song, “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” which left the audience in a harmonious and joyful mood.

Taekwondo Showcase – The multitalented students of Class 2 A exhibited their physical prowess and discipline with an impressive Taekwondo performance. Their mastery of Taekwondo moves highlighted the importance of physical fitness and self-defense skills, garnering admiration from the audience.


Reptiles assembly was a remarkable learning experience for the students. It encouraged them to perform in front of their fellow classmates, fostering self-confidence, communication skills, and teamwork. The event concluded on a patriotic note, with a heartfelt rendition of the National Anthem, leaving the audience feeling refreshed and inspired.

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