Exploring the Universe: A Night of Astronomy

The universe has always fascinated humankind with its mysteries and celestial wonders. On February 19, 2024, The Khaitan School, in collaboration with Space India, organized an Evening Sky Observation session for its students, aimed at igniting their curiosity and passion for astronomy.

First Session: AV Room


The evening commenced with an informative session in the AV room, where students and parents delved into the world of DSLR cameras. A knowledgeable resource person from Space India provided valuable insights into the functioning of DSLR cameras, offering a comprehensive understanding to the eager participants. The intricate workings of these cameras were unveiled, setting the stage for an engaging journey into astrophotography.

Astonomy Session for students and parents

Second Session: Ground

Following the theoretical introduction, the session transitioned outdoors onto the school ground. Here, telescopes and cameras were set up by experienced resource persons, creating an immersive environment for hands-on learning. Excitement filled the air as students and parents eagerly awaited the opportunity to observe the night sky up close.



Under the guidance of experts, participants had the privilege to observe various celestial objects that adorned the evening sky. From the mesmerizing phases of the Moon to the awe-inspiring presence of Jupiter and its moons, and even the distant sparkle of the Ceres star, the night sky revealed its treasures to the eager gazers.

Astonomy Session for students and parents


The utilization of DSLR cameras attached to telescopes allowed students to capture breathtaking images of the celestial wonders they were witnessing. This practical application of astrophotography not only honed their observational skills but also ignited a newfound appreciation for the beauty of the cosmos.

Astonomy Session for students and parents

Overall Experience:

The Evening Sky Observation session was hailed as an unforgettable experience by all participants. Both students and parents alike were actively engaged throughout the event, expressing enthusiasm for both the theoretical insights and practical observations.


The blend of theoretical knowledge imparted in the AV room and the hands-on experience on the ground provided a holistic learning journey for all involved. It was heartening to witness such a passionate interest in astronomy, nurtured through educational initiatives that seamlessly combined theory with practical experiences.

Astonomy Session for students and parents

Such sessions serve as a beacon of inspiration, fostering a lifelong love for astronomy and the exploration of the universe. As we gaze upon the stars, may we continue to be captivated by the wonders of the cosmos and the endless possibilities it holds.

In the pursuit of knowledge and discovery, let us continue to reach for the stars and expand our horizons, one celestial observation at a time.

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