Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which board is the school affiliated to?
    We are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Examination, New Delhi (CBSE) bearing affiliation number 2130382.
  • What are the school timings?
    Nursery & Prep School 9:00am to 12:30pm
    Classes I to V 8:00am to 2:00pm
    Classes VI to XII 8:00am to 2:30pm
  • How is the academic performance of students?
    Students of The Khaitan School have been consistently producing excellent results, especially in board examinations. Check our latest Board results here: Class X and Class XII 
  • In which language do the teachers communicate with children?
    The Khaitan School is an English-medium school and the primary mode of instruction is English. However, for the teaching of other languages such as Hindi, French, German and Sanskrit, respective languages are used.
  • What are the co-curricular activities offered?
    TKS offers a host of co-curricular activities as a part of the curriculum. Performing Arts, Visual Arts, opportunities for participating in activities of various Clubs, Sports, Athletics (track and field events), Yoga, Taekwondo are some of the extra-curricular activities that the students can opt for. Taking into consideration the rapidly changing and evolving landscape of education, we constantly evaluate these activities to add those that help strengthen the child’s mental and physical capacities.
  • What are the extra-curricular activities that you offer?
    To hone their extra-curricular skills, our students get opportunities to participate in the Annual Literary Festival, Annual Days at the Pre-Primary, Primary and Senior school levels, Annual Creative Arts event, Annual I-T event, Annual School Exhibition, Annual Sports Day and more.
  • Do students participate in international school competitions?
    International MUN, BRICS-MATH, all Olympiads, NTSE Tests, Aryabhatta Math competition are only some of the International Competitions our students have been participating in.
  • Do you organize any edu-trips or fun excursions for students?
    Yes, students at TKS get to go on City, State, National and Overseas Edu-trips and fun excursions in order to widen their learning horizon. To know more about our International School Programs, click here.
  • Does the school curriculum include a third language?
    Yes, our students can opt to learn French and German from Class VI onwards.
  • Does the school provide for children with special needs & how?
    AT TKS, we believe in an inclusive learning environment. We aim at providing equal opportunities to all students, ensuring that children feel safe, cared for and are given adequate social and emotional support.  Students who might face difficulty in academics are identified by their respective Class and Subject Teachers. Special classes are also conducted for such students by the respective special educators. In case a child is diagnosed with any specific learning difficulty, CBSE exemptions (approved by CBSE) are provided with different learning needs in order to facilitate the child’s learning.  The children are also closely monitored by our school Counselors. Class Teachers and Subject Teachers often work collaboratively with counselors to safeguard the emotional and social well-being of children with different needs as they continue to participate in school activities.
  • Does your school have a child counselor?
    Yes, the school has a team of specialized counselors, who engage with students of different age groups and their parents as per requirement.
  • Is career counseling provided to the students?
    Career counseling workshops are conducted regularly, especially for students of Classes IX to XII. Parents are also invited to participate in career counseling sessions and fairs.  The school also invites experts in several field to interact with the students and parents so that they are made fully aware of opportunities in diverse fields in India and overseas.
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