FICCI ARISE – Higher Webinar Series


The teachers at The Khaitan School Noida attended webinar series for Primary as well as Secondary classes. It was organized by FICCI Arise along with knowledge partner higher from 2nd to 27th May. The sessions focussed on strategies teachers could use to design effective lesson plans for online teaching. 

They discussed how content could be sequenced and what teachers should consider while planning for online teaching. Focusing on key classroom practices, the sessions featured classroom ideas that work, bringing together teacher-innovators from India and abroad. In the second edition, they focussed on how teachers could activate their most crucial allies in these times – parents – to make online learning more effective.

In the third webinar, they helped teachers understand the barriers in engaging students in online environments, followed by sharing the best strategies for involving students more effectively, as well as the tech tools that could be used to achieve the same.

In the final webinar, they explored strategies that meet different assessment needs, as well as the tools that could be used to achieve them online.

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