Fire Evacuation Mock Drill

11Principal Reinforcing SOP

A Fire Evacuation Mock Drill involving students and staff of Pre Primary, Primary and Senior Wings was conducted in three different slots on 9th August, 2019  in The Khaitan School to sensitize the students to respond skillfully and swiftly in case of a fire outbreak in the school and to become aware of the exit plans to be followed for evacuation.

Before the commencement of the fire drill, the students were briefed by their teachers about the alarm, standard operating procedures and the exit plans to be followed. The exercise began with the blowing of alarm, followed by evacuation of students to the allotted areas along with their teachers. The floor marshals checked the toilets and classes to ensure the building was fully evacuated. Once the students assembled in the allotted areas, away from the building, the head count of the students was taken by the teachers and reported to the authorities. Only, when the building was declared safe, the students were asked to move back to their classes with their teachers in an organized manner. The evacuation mock drill was an exercise to give training to the students to face and handle emergency situations in real life.

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