Fostering Confidence and Communication: Grade 1 Students Shine in ‘Show and Tell’ Activity

In a delightful display of young talent, the students of Grade 1 at The Khaitan School recently participated in an engaging “Show and Tell” activity. This activity not only showcased their enthusiasm but also proved to be an excellent platform for enhancing their speaking and presentation abilities. The event was a celebration of their progress in communication skills, as well as an opportunity for experiential learning.


The primary objective of the “Show and Tell” activity was to nurture the students’ confidence and effective communication skills. Each young learner brought their unique flair to the classroom by presenting and discussing their favorite fruit or vegetable. Through this creative exercise, the school aimed to provide students with a safe and encouraging environment to develop these important life skills.

‘Show and Tell’ Activity

Throughout the activity, the classroom came alive with a vibrant display of colors, textures, and tastes as the students passionately described their chosen fruit or vegetable. The young presenters shared intriguing details about their selections, including attributes like color, texture, taste, and even personal reasons for their preferences. This opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas in front of their peers and teachers fostered their public speaking skills while simultaneously reducing any apprehensions about speaking on stage.

One of the significant outcomes of the activity was the enhancement of the students’ articulation and organization of ideas. As each student took their turn, they were encouraged to maintain eye contact, use clear and audible voices, and incorporate suitable gestures to engage and captivate their audience. This not only helped them conquer stage fright but also cultivated valuable presentation skills that would undoubtedly serve them well in the future.


The interactive nature of the session led to mutual learning among the students. As they observed their peers’ choices and presentation techniques, they gained insights into various fruits and vegetables and learned from different speaking styles. The role of the teacher in providing constructive feedback played a crucial part in the students’ growth. The teacher’s insights underscored the importance of coherent expression and self-assured delivery, guiding the students towards continuous improvement.

‘Show and Tell’ Activity

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