Fostering Integrity and Ethics: Vigilance Awareness Week

In an earnest effort to instill a sense of responsibility and ethical conduct among the young minds, The Khaitan School in Noida observed Vigilance Awareness Week in its Primary wing from October 31st to November 3rd, 2023. With the resonant theme, ‘Say no to Corruption; Commit to the Nation,’ the week was dedicated to fostering a spirit of integrity and honesty.

Integrity Pledge: A Collective Commitment

The cornerstone of the week was laid on November 1st when students, teachers, and staff members unitedly took an integrity pledge. The solemn commitment aimed at upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and honesty echoed through the school, becoming a rallying call against the menace of corruption. This collective pledge set the tone for a week of introspection and action.

E-Pledge: Embracing Technology for a Noble Cause


In a nod to the digital age, all staff members were encouraged to take the E-pledge by visiting the Central Vigilance Commission’s website. The response was heartening, with staff members willingly and wholeheartedly participating in this electronic commitment to the cause of vigilance. This modern approach not only embraced technology but also symbolized a progressive step towards eradicating corruption.





Artistic Expression: Painting Competition on ‘No Corruption’


For the creative minds in Grade 1-5, a Painting Competition unfolded on the canvas of anti-corruption. Students poured their thoughts onto paper, depicting powerful visual narratives on the theme of ‘No Corruption.’ The artworks not only showcased the artistic talents but also conveyed a strong message against the societal ill of corruption.






Quiz and Interaction: Empowering Young Minds


Grade IV and V students engaged in a Vigilance Quiz and an interactive session focusing on the ill effects and prevention of corruption. The enthusiastic participation of students demonstrated their awareness and eagerness to understand the complexities of the issue. The event not only challenged their intellect but also fostered a sense of responsibility towards building a corruption-free society.






Sloganeering for Change: Grade III Takes the Lead

Grade III students actively participated in a Slogan Callout, amplifying the message of saying no to corruption. The young voices echoed with enthusiasm, expression, and clarity, as students passionately called out slogans that resonated with the theme. This initiative not only encouraged public speaking skills but also instilled a sense of purpose and responsibility among the students.

Judgment Day: Unbiased Evaluation by Eminent Panel


All events were meticulously judged by an eminent panel of unbiased judges. Their commitment to evaluating the events in the context of the assigned theme ensured that the essence of ‘Say no to Corruption; Commit to the Nation’ was preserved and acknowledged. The judging process added a layer of authenticity to the events, reinforcing the gravity of the message being conveyed.



Teachers as Mentors: Sensitizing the Future Leaders


Class teachers played a pivotal role in sensitizing students about the importance of public participation in promoting integrity and eradicating corruption. Relevant videos were curated and shown to the students, offering insights into the gravity of the situation and suggesting firm steps toward building a corruption-free society. The aim was not just to impart knowledge but to inspire and empower the students to be the change-makers of tomorrow.

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