Fostering Intellectual Growth: Middle School’s Annual Inter House Debate Competition

On January 31, 2024, Middle School hosted its annual Inter House Debate Competition, a much-anticipated event that showcased the intellectual prowess and oratory skills of its students. Held in the school auditorium, the competition garnered an impressive turnout of students, faculty, and parents, highlighting the community’s support for academic endeavors.


This year’s debate topic, “The development of artificial intelligence will help humanity,” proved to be timely and thought-provoking, igniting intense discussions and passionate arguments among the participants. Representing all four houses—Aravali, Meghalaya, Nilgiri, and Shivalik—were two participants each, with one advocating for the motion and the other against it.


The event commenced with teams delivering well-researched and articulate presentations of their arguments, showcasing confidence and clarity in articulating their viewpoints. It was evident that students had invested considerable effort in understanding and preparing for the topic, demonstrating their analytical abilities and critical thinking skills.

The competition was adjudicated by a panel of esteemed judges, Mr. Emam Hassan and Ms. Sonal Singh from the senior school, who evaluated participants based on their content, delivery, and overall debating skills. The judges provided constructive feedback, offering valuable insights to participants for their future endeavors in debating and public speaking.

Ultimately, Nilgiri House emerged victorious, securing the highest scores with commendable performances from both team members. Their success underscored the dedication and hard work put forth by the students, as well as the support and guidance provided by the school’s faculty.

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