Founder’s Day Celebration At The Khaitan School

The 28th Founder’s Day of The Khaitan School, Noida was celebrated under the theme “Prarambh: Celebrating 100 years of an Extraordinary Life” to mark the centenary birth anniversary of the school’s founder, Shri GN Khaitan, fondly called Babuji. The distinguished Khaitan family and other notable dignitaries graced the momentous occasion.

The students painted portraits of the Founders- Late Shri GN Khaitan & Late Smt. DD Khaitan and various other sketches such as that of school entrance.

During the lamp-lighting ceremony, the middle school choir showcased the importance of education, determination, and seeking the blessings of the Almighty through a beautiful rendition. Our esteemed Chairman, revered Khaitan Family, founder teacher, Mr. Om Dutt Sharma, and Grade Prep and Third students participated in lighting the ceremonious lamp.

The students presented a melodious rendition of “Hum Hain Khaitanian,” a composition written and composed by the students and teachers, Ms. Ruba Munshi and Mr. Joshua Peter, to celebrate the journey of humility and solidarity.

Under the direction of the faculty, the students in the school’s Movie and Photography Programme presented a heart-warming video to reminisce about Babuji’s remarkable legacy, his inventive and charismatic personality.

The Kathak and Bharatnatyam fusion performers exhibited an evocative performance on Mahatma’s favorite song, “Vaishnav Jan,” to showcase the special bond between Mahatma and Babuji as well as their shared conviction that everyone should strive to be a force for good in the world.

The honorable Chairman, Mr. Gangesh Khaitan, added knowledge and priceless teachings to the occasion, making it even more memorable and enlightening. He shared his fond memories and awe-inspiring anecdotes of Babuji’s life, emphasizing the importance of taking small steps to actualize one’s dreams, the innate capacity to learn from everyone around us, making difficult choices, being dedicated and honest in every aspect of life, and retaining one’s unique identity to live a great, meaningful and well-contented life.

The event was concluded by the Khaitan School’s President, Swara Mishra, with a vote of thanks.

In the years to come, Babuji’s exceptional life, dedication to serving humanity, and sincere efforts to create a beautiful world will continue to serve as an example for us.

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