What is the age criterion for admission?

For admission in Nursery, the child must be at least 3-years old on 31st March of the said academic year. For example, if you are applying for session 2023-24, your child should be 3 years old as of 31st March 2023

In case your child does not meet the age criteria, you may apply to Khaitan Pre-School, conveniently located behind The Khaitan School campus within the same sector.  As a bonus, students of Khaitan Pre-School are accepted for admission to The Khaitan School (subject to certain conditions).

As per the directives from the Education Department of the UP State Government, the National Education Policy (NEP) has been put into effect with the new reform.

In the academic session of 2023-24, parents have a unique opportunity to save their children a year of academic progression by enrolling them in nursery. For students currently enrolled in Nursery (session 2023-24), the progression will be as follows: they will advance to Prep (U-KG) in 2024-25 and then to Class 1 in 2025-26.

If you are applying for Nursery in the current session (2023-24), your child will gain an advantage of 1 year and move to Prep (U-KG) in the session of 2024-25.

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