Helpie FAQ

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  • Building Curiosity
    Fostering a student’s natural desire to learn through enquiry and connecting their classroom knowledge with real life incidents.
  • Connecting The Dots
    Theme-based Integrated programs at TKS help children hone their analytical thinking and see how the knowledge and skills from one area can be relevant to other areas.
  • Learning Through Tunes
    Our Music Movement interwoven with Creative Movement inspires students to develop aesthetic response through singing, playing, composing, moving and dancing.
  • The Creative Arts Program
    It helps students learn to express themselves through different art media and techniques like painting, sculpting, printing, constructing and drawing.
  • Play time
    The outdoor & indoor play areas not only help the students explore different spaces, materials and game structures but also help with their sensory stimulation, decision making skills and engagement with peers.
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