Heritage Walk

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The Heritage Education Trip was organised in collaboration with ITIHAAS, on 2nd August and 24th September 2019 for the students of classes IX-A, B and C and IX D, E and F respectively to study the Indian Judiciary and executive.

They visited two places:

1.    Parliament Street Police Station

2.    Patiala House court

At the Parliament House Police Station, which is one of the oldest police stations in the country, the students came to know about how the Police Station got its name. They learned to fill the FIR report. There was an interactive session with two lady constables who told the students how they controlled the protesters if they became violent. Students also got an opportunity to interact with other police personnel and their queries were addressed satisfactorily.

At Patiala House Court, students learnt about the history of the court. They attended a few sessions that were going on. There was an interactive session with lawyers/advocates who explained about the processing of settlement of cases. The students also got an opportunity to interact with Hon’ble Judge, Justice Chandrajit Singh in one of the visits.

 The trips were quite interactive and it helped the students to understand the working of Indian Judiciary.

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