Honoring Achievements and Passing the Torch: The Citation Ceremony

Amidst an atmosphere of grandeur and nostalgia, the Citation Ceremony for the outgoing Class XII students at The Khaitan School took place on January 19th, marking a poignant moment in the academic journey of these young achievers. Led by the esteemed Principal, Mr. Sajeev Phillip, and Officiating Head of Senior School, Ms. Anjana Vashistha, the event was a fitting tribute to the accomplishments and contributions of the graduating class.


The ceremony began with a sense of anticipation as students, faculty, and guests gathered to celebrate the achievements of the departing seniors. Class teachers took to the stage to read personalized citations for each student, highlighting their academic excellence, leadership qualities, and contributions to the school community. As each citation was read aloud, a sense of pride and accomplishment filled the room, underscoring the collective success of the graduating class.

In addition to the heartfelt words of commendation, the students were presented with a special memento—a folder containing the class portrait and a citation certificate—a token of remembrance to cherish as they embarked on their future endeavors. The joy and nostalgia evident on the faces of the students reflected the bittersweet emotions of bidding farewell to their alma mater while embracing the exciting opportunities that lay ahead.


A poignant highlight of the ceremony was the passing of the flag, a symbolic gesture that epitomized the transition of responsibility and legacy from one generation of students to the next. With solemn dignity, the Student Presidents, Swara Mishra and Debashnabh Hazirika, handed over the school flag to the Vice Presidents, symbolizing the transfer of leadership and stewardship to future generations. In their emotional speech, Swara and Debashnabh expressed gratitude to the school and its dedicated staff for nurturing and guiding them throughout their academic journey, acknowledging the invaluable lessons learned and friendships forged along the way.

The Citation Ceremony not only honored the academic achievements of the outgoing Class XII students but also served as a poignant reminder of the bonds of camaraderie and the spirit of community that define the The Khaitan School experience. As these young graduates prepare to embark on new adventures and pursue their dreams, they carry with them the cherished memories and invaluable lessons learned during their time at The Khaitan School.


As the curtains closed on this chapter of their lives, the Citation Ceremony served as a poignant reminder that while endings mark the culmination of one journey, they also herald the beginning of another. With hearts full of gratitude and anticipation, the graduating class of The Khaitan School bid farewell to their alma mater, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that await them in the journey ahead.

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