Hunar Exhibition by Primary Wing

The Junior Wing of The Khaitan School planned a Hunar Exhibition on March 20 and 21 of 2023 to highlight the abilities and creativity that the students in grades 1–5 learned throughout the Hunar sessions. Parents who had traveled to the PTC as well as children, teachers, academic programme coordinators, and TKS teachers were there. This exhibit was held in the junior library and hallways. 

The goal of this display was to: 

• Showcase the talents and creativity of the students

• Help them feel proud and satisfied for learning fundamental life skills

• Strengthen their self-confidence and communication skills

• Raise their knowledge of aesthetics, layout, and planning

• Help students understand how their acquired talents can result in financial rewards.

At The Khaitan School, the Hunar programme was launched as a pilot programme this academic year. It had a huge selection of activities in categories such “Best Out of Waste,” “Fun with Technology,” “Fun with Science,” “Crafty Craft,” “Book Club,” “Decoupage,” “Gardening,” “Aerobics,” “Carrom,” “Stone Art,” “Digital Art,” “Cooking,” “Calligraphy,” “Origami,” and “Musical Theater.” Giving students extra skills they might utilise to support themselves was the purpose of this initiative.

It has been observed that the desired outcomes of respective hobby classes have shown promising results. At first, students took their time to grasp the fundamentals of the abilities taught, but they gradually improved these skills. The display work was so captivating that many parents left extremely encouraging remarks, praising the young students’ efforts and the school’s initiative.

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