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Sports and games are an integral part of our curriculum where students participate and excel in a range of activities. Qualified coaches impart intensive and exclusive training to our children in various extensive sporting activities. Team games have significantly benefited the children in being self-confident, pro-active, energetic and chasing their dream of winning and participating in healthy competition. Moreover, leadership, responsibility, discipline, confidence, loyalty and team spirit are largely instilled through participation in sports.

Students are encouraged to take up any of the following sports::

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Shooting
  • Skating
  • Taekwondo
  • Volley-ball
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Gymnasium
  • Cricket

Sports Facilities

  • A large play field is provided with facilities such as 200 metres track to conduct track events and pitches to conduct field events. The field also has facilities for outdoor sports such as hockey, football, cricket, volleyball etc. There are a separate basketball court and two tennis courts.
  • For our Pre-Primary and Primary students, we have two large outdoor play areas with rubberized flooring. The Rides such as slides, swings, climbers, tunnel slides etc are manufactured by one of the best suppliers in India. The play area available is to keep students energized, enhance their gross motor skills and keep them excited and happy.
  • Swimming and Splash Pools
    A Half Olympic Size Swimming Pool, (25m x 12m) with qualified coaches and lifeguards is available for boys and girls, separately. To beat the heat, a splash pool with water fountains is available for children of Pre-Primary and Classes I and II (water level is a maximum of 12 inches in view of safety).
  • Skating Rink
    Our children experience a sense of space and freedom and are able to channelise their energies and invigorate their spirit. For senior students, there is a large skating rink which has produced national level players from our school. An additional skating rink for children of Classes Nursery and Class II is also available near the Primary building to ensure adequate time, attention and safety for the little ones.
  • Air-conditioned Gymnasium
    To popularise the importance of physical fitness among our children, a centrally air-conditioned Gym (Life Fitness equipment) has been set up with air-conditioned changing rooms with lockers. Girls and boys can avail separate training facilities with qualified trainers.
  • Shooting Range
    Shooting inspires children to explore a new sport and improve their powers of concentration. A 9-lane shooting range (10 meters) equipped with imported and Indian guns is provided for the children who are trained by a national level shooting coach.
  • Yoga and Meditation Hall
    Yoga classes reinforce the good health regime and are instrumental for all-round growth and spiritual development of our children. Meditation with soothing music gives peace of mind to our children and energy to face the day’s curriculum.
  • Toy Train
    A toy train has been provided for children from Nursery to Class II, to enjoy fun-filled rides and free interaction with their peers.
  • Indoor Free-Play Activity Hall
    An indoor free-play air-conditioned activity hall of approximately 3,500sq.ft. has been designed for children from Nursery to Class II, so that they can play with interactive teaching aids, Montessori equipment and apparatus for role play, to sharpen their creative powers and enhance their motor and cognitive skills.
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  1. Children are delighted to play outside their homes in a new setting during these post-pandemic days. This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to socialize and have fun after isolation.

    I appreciate you sharing this fantastic article. I respectfully thank you for that.

    1. The Khaitan School


      Thank you for your enquiry. However, the special coaching and sporting facilities are only available to the students of The Khaitan School.

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