Inspiring Alumni Visit: Dr. Naveen Sharma Shares Wisdom with the Students


On August 24, 2023, The Khaitan School in Noida had the honor of hosting one of its distinguished alumni, Dr. Naveen Sharma, a pediatrician practicing in Himachal Pradesh. Dr. Sharma, who graduated from The Khaitan School in 2015, returned to his alma mater to share his inspiring journey and valuable insights with the current students of classes XI and XII in the field of biology.


Dr. Naveen Sharma’s visit was more than just a homecoming; it was a reunion filled with profound wisdom and motivation for the students. His journey from being a student at The Khaitan School to becoming a successful pediatrician had much to offer in terms of inspiration and guidance.

During his interactive session, Dr. Sharma walked down memory lane and shared anecdotes from his own school days. He emphasized the importance of building a strong foundation during school years and how it had played a pivotal role in his journey to becoming a qualified pediatrician. He encouraged the students to focus on their studies and utilize their time in school wisely, as it would lay the groundwork for their future success.


Dr. Naveen Sharma didn’t just dwell on his school days; he also shared his experiences as a medical student and later as a practicing doctor. His real-life stories resonated with the students, giving them a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of a career in medicine. He discussed the importance of empathy, patience, and dedication in the field of healthcare, traits he developed during his time at The Khaitan School.

Beyond sharing his own experiences, Dr. Sharma delivered a powerful message of motivation and resilience. He encouraged the students not to succumb to fear or anxiety in any situation. His words of wisdom reminded them that setbacks and challenges are part of life but can be overcome with determination and a positive attitude. He emphasized the importance of setting goals and pursuing them relentlessly.


One of the most remarkable aspects of Dr. Naveen Sharma’s visit was the ease with which he connected with the students. Often, students find it more comfortable to discuss their aspirations and concerns with someone closer to their age rather than with teachers or counselors. This peer-to-peer connection was evident during the interactive session, as students asked questions openly and engaged in meaningful conversations with their accomplished alumnus.


Dr. Naveen Sharma’s visit to The Khaitan School was an invaluable experience for both the students and the school community. His journey from a Khaitanian to a successful pediatrician served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the young minds. The interactive session not only provided practical insights into the world of medicine but also instilled a sense of motivation and resilience among the students.

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