Inter-House Art Competition

The Khaitan School recently organized an On The Spot Inter House Painting Competition on May 12th, with the belief that art enables us to find ourselves and love ourselves at the same time.


The event aimed to unleash the creativity of the students and guide them in transforming their imagination into successful dimensions. The school understands the importance of nurturing the artistic spirit within each child and believes in providing them with the right tools and opportunities to flourish. The competition was a testament to this commitment.

Inter House Painting Competition at The Khaitan School

Divided into four houses – Arawali, Meghalaya, Nilgiri, and Shivalik, the competition had different topics for each class. Class IX students engaged in Mandala art, Class X focused on creating a portrait of Buddha, Class XI participants designed book covers, and Class XII delved into the realm of illusion.


All the participants showcased their skills and performed magnificently within their respective categories. The enthusiasm and dedication of the students were evident as they gave their best shots. Each stroke of the brush, every color combination, and the meticulous attention to detail revealed the immense talent and artistic flair possessed by these young individuals.

The competition was evaluated by a panel of esteemed judges, including the Art teacher of the Middle wing, Mrs. Payal Singh, and Mr. Triptmay Dutta. Their expertise and discerning eye for art ensured fair judgment and recognition of exceptional talent.


Under the guidance and supervision of Mrs. Vandana Datta, HOD Arts, PGT, and Mr. Dheeraj Bhatia, PGT Painting, the event was successfully organized. Their commitment to fostering creativity and providing a nurturing environment for students to explore their artistic abilities was commendable.

Inter House Painting Competition at The Khaitan School- The Winners

Inter-house competitions like these not only encourage healthy competition but also provide a platform for students to express themselves creatively. Such events instill confidence, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster teamwork among students. The support and encouragement received from teachers and peers in these competitions create a conducive environment for personal growth and artistic development.


Art has a unique power to enable individuals to discover themselves and love themselves simultaneously. Through artistic expression, students learn to tap into their innermost emotions, thoughts, and ideas. They gain a deeper understanding of their own abilities and find a sense of fulfillment in their creative endeavors.

Inter House Painting Competition at The Khaitan School


The On The Spot Inter House Painting Competition at The Khaitan School served as a testament to the belief that art is not just about aesthetics but about self-expression and personal growth. It provided a platform for students to explore their artistic potential, express their ideas, and appreciate the beauty of their own creations. This event will undoubtedly inspire and motivate the young artists to continue their artistic journey with passion and dedication.

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