Inter-House English Poetry Recitation Competition: A Celebration of Language and Creativity






The Inter-House English Poetry Recitation Competition for Middle School at The Khaitan School was held with great enthusiasm, drawing lively participation from students across various houses. This event aimed to foster a love for literature and language while providing a platform for students to showcase their oratory skills and creativity.

Inter-House English Poetry Recitation Competition

Preparation and Participation


Prior to the competition, students were given the opportunity to select poems of their choice. They were encouraged to interpret and recite these poems in a manner that effectively conveyed the emotions and themes. Teachers provided guidance and training sessions to help students refine their delivery and stage presence, ensuring they were well-prepared for their performances.

Inter-House English Poetry Recitation Competition

Event Commencement


The competition commenced with an opening address by the compering team, emphasizing the importance of language proficiency and self-expression. Each house was represented by enthusiastic participants who showcased a diverse selection of poems, ranging from classic to contemporary works.

Inter-House English Poetry Recitation Competition

Judging Panel


The performances were assessed by a distinguished panel of judges, including Ms. Bindu Gupta (HOD English), Ms. Tanya Sharma (Primary Wing), and Anushka Banerjee (a student of Grade 12). The judges evaluated the participants based on several criteria such as choice of poem, confidence, expression, poise, memory, and overall impact.

Inter-House English Poetry Recitation Competition

Highlights of the Competition


  • Diverse Themes: Participants explored a wide range of themes including love, nature, social issues, and personal experiences, showcasing their depth of understanding and emotional maturity.

  • Creative Interpretations: Students demonstrated creativity in their interpretations, employing gestures, voice modulation, and dramatic elements to enhance the delivery of their poems.

  • Confidence and Poise: Despite initial nerves, participants displayed remarkable confidence and poise on stage, captivating the audience with their compelling performances.

  • Engaged Audience: The audience actively engaged with the performances, responding with applause and encouragement, creating a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

Inter-House English Poetry Recitation Competition

Winners Announced

After a series of captivating performances, the winners were announced amidst much anticipation and applause. The first, second, and third place winners are as follows:

  • 1st Place: Raksha Mishra of class 7D (Aravali House)

  • 2nd Place: Sargun Maini of class 8C (Shivalik House)

  • 3rd Place: Adrija Navshree of class 6D (Meghalaya House)


These winners were recognized with special mentions for their outstanding performances.

The Inter-House English Poetry Recitation Competition for Middle School was a resounding success, providing students with a platform to showcase their talent and passion for literature. The event not only encouraged creativity and self-expression but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and appreciation for the English language within the school community. It served as a testament to the power of poetry in inspiring and connecting individuals across diverse backgrounds and interests.

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