Inter House Hindi Debate Competition: Unraveling the Causes of Rising Unemployment

On 28th July 2023, The Khaitan School held an exhilarating Inter House Hindi Debate Competition for students of Classes 6 to 8 in the AV room. The event aimed to foster critical thinking, public speaking, and a deeper understanding of socio-economic issues among young minds. The topic for the debate was “घटते रोजगार का मुख्य कारण : ए.आई.” which translates to “The Main Cause of Rising Unemployment: Artificial Intelligence (AI).”


The competition witnessed enthusiastic participation from all four houses, with two participants representing each house. One student spoke in favor of the motion, advocating that AI is the main cause of declining job opportunities, while the other argued against the motion, presenting reasons why AI is not solely responsible for the unemployment crisis.

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The event was presided over by the esteemed judges Ms. Meenu Sharma and Ms. Usha Malik from the Senior Wing, who possess vast knowledge and experience in the field of Hindi. The judges’ presence added an air of expertise to the competition, encouraging the participants to give their best performances.


The debate commenced with well-researched arguments and eloquent presentations. The contestants showcased their command over the Hindi language and their ability to articulate complex ideas. They delved into the multifaceted aspects of the topic, discussing not only AI’s role in automation and job displacement but also the potential for job creation and the importance of upskilling in the face of technological advancements.

Inter House Hindi Debate Competition: Unraveling the Causes of Rising Unemployment

Ms. Meenu Sharma and Ms. Usha Malik, the judges, commended the participants for their in-depth analysis and confident delivery. They praised the topic selection, as it shed light on a contemporary issue that demands thoughtful consideration.


After an intense and thought-provoking competition, Aravali house emerged victorious, securing the first position. Their arguments were well-structured and supported by concrete evidence. The participants showcased a comprehensive understanding of the topic, leaving a lasting impact on the audience and the judges alike.

Inter House Hindi Debate Competition: Unraveling the Causes of Rising Unemployment

Meghalaya house secured the second position, presenting a strong counter-argument that highlighted the positive contributions of AI and its potential to enhance various industries rather than replacing human labor altogether. Their presentation was engaging and well-organized, making them formidable contenders.


Shiwalik and Nilgiri houses secured the third and fourth positions, respectively. Their participants demonstrated commendable effort and research, enriching the competition with their unique perspectives.

Inter House Hindi Debate Competition: Unraveling the Causes of Rising Unemployment

The event not only honed the students’ language and oratory skills but also deepened their understanding of the complexity of socio-economic issues in today’s world. It encouraged critical thinking, empathy, and open-mindedness among the young debaters.


The school takes great pride in providing platforms like these that foster holistic development among its students. Events such as the Inter House Hindi Debate Competition serve as a reminder of the school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of thriving in the dynamic world.

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