Inter House IT Quiz Competition Promotes Healthy Competition


On 19th May 2023, The Khaitan School organized an exhilarating Inter House IT Quiz competition, providing an engaging platform for students to explore the fascinating world of information technology. This event aimed to foster a deep understanding of IT concepts in a fun and interactive manner, encouraging students to stay updated with current technological trends while enhancing their general knowledge.


The competition commenced with a preliminary round held on 15th May 2023. Eight talented students from each house participated in this round, showcasing their knowledge and passion for technology. Out of these participants, the top four students from each house were selected to proceed to the final round.

Inter House IT Quiz Competition


The final round of the Inter House IT Quiz comprised five captivating segments, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the contestants’ IT prowess. The first round, the General Round, tested the students’ knowledge through multiple-choice questions (MCQs). This segment assessed their understanding of fundamental IT concepts, such as programming languages, hardware components, and networking fundamentals.


Following the General Round, the competition moved to the exciting Rapid Fire round. This fast-paced segment challenged the participants’ quick thinking and ability to answer questions on the spot. The pressure was on as they had to provide prompt and accurate responses, demonstrating their depth of knowledge in IT.

Next up was the intriguing Puzzle Round, which required the contestants to solve intricate puzzles related to various aspects of information technology. This segment evaluated their problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and aptitude for deciphering complex patterns—a true test of their logical reasoning abilities.


The competition then transitioned to the Audio Visual Round, which presented the participants with multimedia content, including images, videos, and audio clips. They were required to identify and answer questions based on the information presented, highlighting their ability to comprehend visual cues and connect them with IT concepts.

Inter House IT Quiz Competition

To conclude the event on an exciting note, a Bonus Round was conducted. This round comprised bonus questions related to recent technological advancements, emerging trends, and renowned personalities in the field of IT. The contestants had the opportunity to earn additional points by answering these bonus questions correctly, providing an exciting twist to the overall competition.


After an intense battle of wits and knowledge, Aravalli House emerged victorious in the Inter House IT Quiz competition. Their impressive performance showcased their dedication, preparation, and comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. However, Shiwalik House was not far behind, securing a close second place and displaying their commendable IT acumen.

Inter House IT Quiz Competition

The participants of Aravalli House, namely Utkrisht Gandhi from XI A, Sudharsana Krishnan from X C, Aaryan Ganglas from X G, and Anurag Verma from X G, deserve special recognition for their exceptional performance in the competition. Their relentless efforts, coupled with their passion for information technology, played a crucial role in leading their house to victory.

The Inter House IT Quiz competition at The Khaitan School successfully achieved its goal of fostering a deep dive into the world of IT while encouraging students to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements. The event not only enhanced the participants’ IT knowledge but also instilled in them a sense of curiosity, motivation, and competitiveness in the field of computer science.


By organizing such engaging competitions, The Khaitan School continues to nurture and inspire the next generation of IT enthusiasts, providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become pioneers in the world of technology.

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