Inter House Poetry Recitation Competition: Celebrating Young Voices

The morning of 28 July 2023 witnessed a delightful and enriching event at The Khaitan School—the ‘Inter House Poetry Recitation Competition.’ The school auditorium was filled with anticipation and excitement as young poets from each House prepared to showcase their poetic prowess.

Poetry is an art form that comes alive when heard, and the event aimed to emphasize the beauty of reciting poems with proper pronunciation and intonation. The competition provided a platform for the students to celebrate creativity and express themselves through the power of words. With the objective of kindling poetic flair among the children, the event sought to encourage the development of their communication skills and confidence.

Inter House Poetry Recitation Competition

The participants were tasked with reciting poems by the renowned poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. The chosen poems allowed the young minds to explore various themes and emotions, ranging from the joys of life to the complexities of human existence. As the students took the stage, they displayed an impressive amount of zeal and enthusiasm, captivating the audience with their heartfelt renditions.


Divided into four teams—Limerick, Haiku, Sonnet, and Lyric—the participants infused their own unique style and interpretation into the classic verses. The event not only allowed them to embrace the beauty of expression, thoughts, feelings, rhyme, rhythm, and music of words but also exposed them to the rich literary heritage of Tennyson’s poetry.

Inter House Poetry Recitation Competition

The participants showcased their talent with eloquence and poise, proving that age is no barrier to profound creativity. Each recitation was a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by the students to perfect their performances.

A distinguished panel of judges, Ms. Priyanka Vohra and Ms. Sarah Khan, evaluated the participants on various parameters. These included the relevance of content to the theme, fluency in delivery, effective use of gestures and expressions, and the ability to modulate their voices to enhance the impact of the poems. The judges had the challenging task of evaluating the performances and determining the winners.

Inter House Poetry Recitation Competition

After an intense round of recitations, the competition finally drew to a close. The moment of reckoning arrived as the judges announced the results, bringing a mix of excitement and nervousness among the participants and the audience.


In the end, it was Pallavi Upadhyay of Shivalik House who secured the first position with her captivating recitation, leaving the audience spellbound. Aaradhay Dixit and Navya Varshney, both from Shivalik House, shared the limelight, securing the second position with their outstanding performances. Meanwhile, the third position was earned by Meghalaya House, with their participant delivering an equally impressive recital.

Inter House Poetry Recitation Competition

The event not only fostered healthy competition but also allowed the students to develop their confidence, public speaking skills, and appreciation for the art of poetry. The young poets’ hard work and dedication were commendable, and their performances left an indelible mark on everyone present.


The ‘Inter House Poetry Recitation Competition’ at The Khaitan School was a celebration of creativity and self-expression. It served as a reminder of the power of words and how poetry can connect hearts and minds. The event also highlighted the school’s commitment to nurturing all-round development in its students and promoting a love for literature and the arts.

Inter House Poetry Recitation Competition

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