The Rapamatics inter house competition was conducted on 30.4.19 in the school auditorium with the motto of making mathematical concepts enjoyable and to improve cognition and math skills. Standing on the stage and moving to the beat, the students enthusiastically sang their concepts. The anchors of the afternoon Navya of class 5H and Yuval of class 5G welcomed Principal ma’am, madam Headmistress and the judges, the competition began with team ‘Alpha’ that rapped on the concept of fractions. Beautiful props were used showing fractions getting multiplied and divided. Children cart wheeled and rapped with enthusiasm. Team ‘Gama’ with its beautiful props of clocks rapped with joy showing hands of the clocks ticking away and teaching half past, quarter past, morning, midnight, afternoon. Polygons was the theme of team ‘BETA’ in which  the vibrant images of triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, octagons flooded the stage and amazed the students in the audience. Last but not the least was team ‘Delta’ that performed on the subject angles, with lot of energy and joy. The competition of Rapamatics brought out the dancer and singer in every child. It was enjoyed by everyone and mathematical topics were made interesting and entertaining. The Principal, Mrs. D. Kaur complimented the efforts put in by every student and their teachers. She appreciated the enjoyable way of clarifying concept leading to deeper understanding. Shiwalik house bagged the first prize and Meghalaya got the second prize. The program concluded with the rendition of the National Anthem.

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