Inter House Social Science Quiz -TKS QUIZZARD-2023



A well-designed quiz serves as both entertainment and a medium for enrichment and information. Embracing this belief, the Social Science department of The Khaitan School organized an enthralling social science quiz, titled “TKS QUIZZARD 2023,” in the school’s AV room on 19th May 2023. The sixth-grade students were given the opportunity to witness this engaging and thrilling quizzing session.

Inter House Social Science Quizzard



The quiz featured eight participants from classes VII and VIII, with two representatives from each school house: Meghalaya, Nilgiri, Aravali, and Shiwalik. The teams were named Ashoka, Akbar, Napoleon, and Alexander, respectively. Under the guidance of quiz masters Ms. Tanya Negi and Ms. Saumya Trivedi, the quiz comprised five rounds that effectively combined elements of thrill, excitement, and knowledge enhancement. The rounds included Current Affairs, Indian History, World History, Geography, and Culture. The enthusiastic audience also actively participated by providing multiple answers to the quiz masters’ questions, earning well-deserved rewards of chocolates from the organizers.

Inter House Social Science Quizzard

At the end of the exhilarating competition, Ms. Pooja Singh, Head of Middle School, took the stage to motivate and applaud the participants and students. She declared the final result of the quiz, announcing Team Nilgiri (Ashoka) as the winners, while Team Meghalaya (Akbar) secured the runners-up position. The event proved to be a tremendous success, inspiring many students in the audience to participate in quizzes in the future.


The Social Science department of The Khaitan School must be commended for organizing such an engaging and informative event. By hosting the “TKS QUIZZARD 2023,” they provided students with a platform to showcase their knowledge and passion for social sciences. The quiz not only tested their understanding of various topics but also kindled a desire for continuous learning and exploration.

Inter House Social Science Quizzard

Quizzing plays a significant role in fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills among students. It encourages them to delve deeper into subjects, expand their horizons, and develop a well-rounded understanding of the world. The “TKS QUIZZARD 2023” successfully achieved these objectives, instilling a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity in the young minds present.


Moreover, the quiz masters, Ms. Tanya Negi and Ms. Saumya Trivedi, deserve special appreciation for their impeccable moderation skills, effectively managing the quiz rounds and keeping the participants and audience engaged throughout the event.

Inter House Social Science Quizzard


The success of the Inter House Social Science Quiz Competition at The Khaitan School not only showcased the students’ knowledge and abilities but also highlighted the school’s commitment to providing holistic education. By organizing such intellectually stimulating events, the school not only reinforces the importance of social sciences but also nurtures a passion for learning and encourages students to actively participate in academic pursuits.

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